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With tbe WinImage Self Extractor, you can create a Win32 x86 .EXE file containing one or more image files.
If you are a registered user of WinImage professional, you may redistribute this executable without restrictions.
The file.exe you create will run under Windows NT-x86, Windows 95/98 and Windows 3.1 with Win32s 1.30c installed.
To create a self-extracting file:
  • Create a .IMZ or a .WLZ file using WinImage
  • Under the File menu, select Create Self-Extracting file…
  • in the "Select source Image file" screen, click on "Select an image source file" and select the .IMZ, .WLZ or .IMA
  • in the second screen, select the .EXE file to create

    To create a self-extracting file with one image, you may open this image and Under the File menu, select Create Self-Extracting file…and then create the EXE from the image in memory.

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