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WinImage Frequently asked questions

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What are the differences between the standard/professional editions of WinImage?

WinImage Professional adds all these feature to WinImage standard:
  • Self extractor with an unlimited redistribution license.
  • File Properties - allows modification of file dates within an image file.
  • You can export the directory of the current image file as plain text or HTML.
  • Printing of the contents of the image file
  • Editable boot sector properties (i.e. load another boot sector file, manually edit text in the boot sector...)
  • Supports the creation of large images of removable and hard disks under Windows NT and Windows 95. Large images (> 2.88 MB) are not loaded into memory, read and write operations are done directly on image files.

The WinImage Developer Edition contains WinImage Professional, the WinImage SDK and a license to distribute software made with the WinImage SDK and the WinImage SDK DLL on 10 (ten) computers.

What is the cost for upgrading to WinImage 8.00

Upgrading to the same edition of WinImage (standard to standard or professional to professional) is free. See the ordering page for more information.

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