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BootPart 2.50: Boot Partititions for WinNT

Easy tools for adding a partition to the Windows NT multi boot menu (for example, add the OS/2 boot manager or a Linux partition to the boot menu). C Source included. Take a look at the BootPart Web page ! (http link) (mirror)

Extract 2.10: Extract files from a disk image

This tools allow you to extract files from a disk image created using WinImage, FdFormat or compatible tools, under MSDos or the Windows 95-Windows NT console. Take a look at the Extract Web page !

FDFormat 1.8

This DOS freeware tool by Christoph. H. Hochstätter can format very high density floppy disks (1.68 MB...) under MSDOS. Pascal source included.


Win32s allows you to run the 32 bit version of WinImage under Windows 3.1x. This version of Win32s supports the new Win32 common controls (ListView, Tabbed dialog boxes...) and OLE 2.0 (and WW1000.EXE for VSHARE.386 under Windows 3.1) (and WW1000.EXE for VSHARE.386 under Windows 3.1)

DCF: Disk Copy Fast

This DOS shareware tool can read/write/format image files compatible with WinImage under MS-Dos

Help Compiler

The Help Compiler allows you to build help files (.HLP) from .RTF files written with Microsoft Word. Useful with the translation kit. (Win32 Help compiler)


See the ReadFile page for more information about this disk benchmark utility and information on the Triton busmaster disk driver.

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