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Subject: Gilles Vollant Software releases WinImage 3.0

The Universal Solution For Floppy Images:

disk copy, archive and floppy image management

Contact: Gilles Vollant, Chairman Gilles Vollant Software
13, rue F. Mansart
F-91540 Mennecy
Fax +33 (1) 64 99 94 55
ASP Author #00976

MENNECY, FRANCE, September 10, 1996 - Today, Gilles Vollant Software released version 3.0 of the shareware program WinImage. WinImage is a powerful disk utility that enables users to make a disk image from a floppy. Like some diskcopy tools, WinImage can create an image file from a floppy, and then duplicate the floppy with the image file. But it does more: the Fat file system of the floppy is recognized, and when an image is loaded, files are displayed and many file operations are available, for example: you can copy files into or out of an image file, defragment an image, create a new image, and put the image onto a blank formatted floppy. WinImage can read and write images in a "raw" format, compatible with some images found, for example, in Microsoft Select or Microsoft Developer Network Platform, and in a compressed format, WinZip and PkZip-compatible.

WinImage supports DMF, the 1.68 MB format on 3" HD floppy used by Microsoft for their distribution disks, so users now can, for the first time, make backups of these disks (Microsoft does not provide tools to duplicate DMF disks). WinImage is available in a Win16 version (for Windows 3.1) and in a Win32 version (for Windows 95, Windows NT, or Windows 3.1 with the free Win32s 1.30 extension). Version for Windows NT on RISC computers (Dec Alpha, PowerPC and Mips R4000) are also available. Several languages are supported : English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

"MIS often uses WinImage to save installation sets of floppies in a modern format (hard disk, on a network, DAT...),” said developer Gilles Vollant. “They can easily recreate the set of floppies or extract the files to install the software without using floppies. Individual users can create legal backups of their software, including those on Microsoft DMF floppies. We have tried create the most user-friendly interface possible, with a seamless integration with explorer (same look and feel, drag and drop...)."

The main addition in version 3.0 is image compression. WinImage uses the zLib technology from Mark Adler and Jean-loup Gailly, the makers of Gzip and Infozip Zip/UnZip. This warrants a secure (this compression code is one of the most used in the world) and a very open compression (the compressed file format is Zip compatible). A set of several floppies can now be stored in one file, and a batch assistant allow automatic operation in all image of a set.

WinImage was chosen as the WUGNET “Shareware Pick of the Week” on Wugnet compuserve forum.

WinImage 3.0 is now shipping. Individual copies are priced at $30, including postage and handling. Both the 16 bit (Windows 3.1) and 32 bit (Windows 95/NT) versions are shipped on the same disk and covered by the same license agreement. Users may obtain fully functional evaluation copies of both versions from the WinImage home page on the Internet at, and in Compuserve (search Winima30.ZIP or keyword WinImage in Wugnet forum). Registration is available with Compuserve Swreg service, thought PsL or directly from Gilles Vollant Software.